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I'd like to introduce Frances Zuzu Biesinger, born early the morning of July 26th. We are in love and blissfully living in the baby vortex. Today we will take our first walk.



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It's pretty quiet around here right now, the calm before the storm, but very soon things will be very different.

In March I moved my studio out of the house and into a shared workspace in Mile End. In part I needed a change of scenery, which has indeed been lovely, but the big reason for the move was that we needed more space at home. You see, in early December I learned I was pregnant with my first bebe.

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And so these past few months we've been preparing and adapting our lives to include a new tiny human, just as my body has been adapting and preparing to grow a new life. I've felt really good throughout, physically well and just generally positive despite life turning into, as my friend Sarah put it, "one big nap." I'm incredibly mellow these days, which is lovely considering all will likely descend into chaos before the summer's gone.

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Work has taken a hit, as you may have noticed. I'm taking a little break from seasonal collections, and have just shut down any made-to-order items in my online shop. Starting this week I'll no longer be heading to the studio everyday, ergo I can fill these last two weeks of lazy abandon with food & friends, picnics & parties, sleeping all day, three baths per afternoon, shopping & reading & aimless self-contemplation.

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And then we will see what the future holds.

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Thank you so much to everyone who has been so kind and supportive over the past months. To the lovely ladies of Montreal who hosted a nautical-themed baby shower a few weeks ago (of which I only managed to take photos of the food 'cause, you know, priorities), to friends and family from all over who have offered love & support & advice. And thank you to all who have sent gifts in the post, we are lucky to know such generous individuals. Thank you everyone.

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I'm wearing my clothing loose and minimal this Summer - a perfect excuse to use up some of the luxurious silk prints I've been hoarding in my collection. Two styles I'll be shipping off to Victoire this morning include the 'Molly' dress, a totally reversible style in 100% silk, and the 'Maggie' tank a semi-sheer silk/cotton blend with a metallic all-over print. I'm slowly building up my Summer uniform.

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I know, I know, it's just getting ridiculous how much time I'm letting elapse between posts these days. It feels as though I haven't visited this old friend in ages, poor little blog.

I've been busy, working away in the studio but also finding a lot of pleasure in working on myself. I've been taking pilates classes twice a week and trying to take more time to spend with friends. I feel like I've pretty much managed my stress situation and am beginning to enjoy making things again, which I wasn't for awhile. Life feels like it's coming together in a really positive way. Of course, knowing that Spring is on it's way helps a lot too!

I guess the big news is that three weeks ago I moved my studio out of my home and into a space in Mile End. I'm sharing with a group of fantastically talented ladies and am absolutely loving being out of the house every day (even if I usually have some significant trouble getting there before noon). I've been intentionally leaving my computer at home, and I don't have a cell phone so I'm breaking some of the bad habits I got into working from a room in my house (I'm looking at you, Law & Order.) I also just booked a short trip to Mexico where I've never been and am so keen to explore. I'm craving sunshine and colour and delicious food and simply seeing something new.

Of course moving & traveling means *Spring Cleaning* is essential and so I'm clearing out the little remaining stock I have from the F/W collection - mostly at half-price. Here's what I have left (I promise, this is the last time you will see these same photos again on this blog!):

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Green Saturn Dress, last two available in S & L. Was $240 now $140.

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Mauve Saturn Dress, last one (!!) available in M. Was $240 now $140.

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Cream Victorine Blouse, last one (!!) available in S. Was $180 now $90.

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Black Victorine Blouse, last two available in M & L. Was $180 now $90.

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Green Eshe Blouse, last one (!!) available in L. Was $140 now $70.

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Black Eshe Blouse, various sizes. Was $140 now $70.

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Mauve Eshe Blouse, various sizes. Was $140 now $70.

I also have two little Easter-hued cubist clutches which I never added to the shop but am doing so now, one in a supple, soft, banana lambskin and one in a vibrant mint. Check out the SHOP or email me if you're interested.

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Beautiful Tara-Lynn of Goodnight, Day looking casual and chic in her Ursa Minor leather leggings. Check out more photos of her eclectic style over at Boots & PineArden Wray's fantastic photographic love letter to Toronto's creative contributors.





I'm so excited to announce that I'll be participating in the inaugural edition of DARK HORSES, a fantastic sale/event happening in Old Montreal this Friday. Organized by friends and fellow designers Genevieve Savard and Agathe Bodineau (of Lalayeah), DARK HORSES gathers together some of Montreal's most exciting emerging designers for a one-day designer's sale that will be open to the public. Following the sale is a DJ event & dance party with bar service - woo-hoo. 

I think this event has a fantastic line up and I love the work of all the designers that are participating. I am honestly worried that I will just end up shopping myself. If you're nearby in Ottawa, Toronto or Quebec and have been looking for an excuse to come to Montreal, this is a good one. 

Please come out and support some emerging talent, we'd all love to see you there. 




I've FINALLY had a chance to take photos of the Saturn Dress, Eshe Top and Victorine Blouse in other colourways with the help of my beautiful friend Yana who agreed to model for me this week. As of today these items will all be uploaded to the shop, both *big cartel* & *etsy*, but quantities are limited and once these styles are gone I will not be making more this season.

Thanks so much to Yana - I couldn't have done it without her. Make sure to check out her insanely cute clothing for kiddies and ladies *here* too - her line Supayana is adorable and so is she.







And coming soon to the shop, because you asked for it, more diamond clutches with an attached wrist-strap. 




I recently sent some A/W pieces out to Noel & Brannan's gorgeously curated online shop, Pour Porter. Their styling and photography are fantastic and their new lookbook (which you can view *here*) is fun & wonderful. In addition to pieces from the standard collection, I also worked with Noel to make some special edition Cubist Clutches especially for their shop. Snap up the sage/caramel version while you can as the cognac/rust clutch has already sold out. I just love browsing through all the talented designers they so excellently represent.






Spied on my way to dinner with a friend last night: Ursa Minor 'Saturn' dress in mauve-smoke featured in this lovely window display at Boutique Unicorn. Other styles available at their Montreal shop include the Eshe Top in black, mauve-smoke and slate-green, and the Victorine blouse in both black & grey.





The Eshe Blouse and Saturn Dress have officially been added to both the *shop* and *etsy*. In addition to being sold online, these styles are now available at Victoire in Ottawa, Robber in Toronto and Unicorn Boutique here in Montreal, with more shops to follow.

The fabric is a 55% Silk / 45% linen blend with a unique ribbed texture which wears beautifully. The Eshe blouse features vintage brass buttons while the Saturn dress is fully lined and has a sheer silk georgette panel at back bodice.

I will also be adding additional colours of these styles next week (just as soon as my model gets home from her trip to NY!) 

Questions? Send me an email!