Oodles of overthinking and two months of hemming and hawing later, I've finally made the leap to Etsy and officially have items in my shop. I hope to upload more photos this week as well as continue to make new styles available directly to you.

Etsy is such a great resource in that it allows independent designers and business people to link into a fantastic network of like individuals and to get their creations out to the public in one of the most direct ways possible. It's quick, it's painless, it allows me to continue to develop my line in the organic way I crave and it's a great sounding board for new ideas and designs. It's good for me and it's good for you!

I invite you to come visit my shop regularly, especially over the next month as I crank out more styles for Smart Mart and Puces Pop. Follow the link to the right to explore more and keep your eyes open for specials and promotions.


  1. Hello there! I just found out about your gorgeous designs via your Etsy shop, and I'm rather intrigued! I may have unconsciously seen your work at Nokomis as I live in Edmonton, but I don't get the chance to go there that often. Also, I do most of my shopping online, so I was wondering if you'll be posting more styles in your Etsy shop. I'd love to do a feature on you for my blog if you get some more pieces listed!

  2. Buffy Leigh - Thanks for the lovely comments!!

    To answer a few of your questions: You may indeed have seen some of my work at Nokomis, I'm a silent partner in the business and, up until we closed the studio last fall, I designed all the Nokomis houseline collections.

    My husband Raymond Biesinger and I moved to Montreal from Edmonton this past August and Ursa Minor is the new clothing line I've started since then. I'm still seeing which direction/shape it will take but I love sharing my progress here on the blog.

    I will certainly have more styles in my Etsy shop soon (I have pieces sitting all over my studio which I just haven't photographed yet!) but may not get them up there until early December. I'd love to be featured on your blog then.

    The navy wool tabard retails for $110 and you could try calling Nokomis as I sent two out to them a couple weeks ago. If they don't have one left and you'd like to purchase one just send me an email.

    So nice to hear from you! e.