I was super excited when Tara-lynn from Good Night, Day contacted me earlier this summer to ask if she could borrow clothing for her Fall lookbook. For ages I've admired/coveted/lusted after her beautiful & unique hand-knit pieces so it was an honour indeed to be thought of. She just sent a couple sneak peek polaroids from the shoot my way and I'm happy to share them here. I can't wait to see her whole collection.

Gorgeous photography by Luis Mora, modeled by Anna from Elmer Olsens Model Management and featuring luxurious knits by Tara-lynn, all created in Hamilton Ontario (check out her website *here*.) Cora Dress, Vay Dress and leather leggings by Ursa Minor.








Also! Did you know that today is the two year anniversary of this blog?! I know, time flies when you work every second of every day, right? I feel like I should have a little celebration in honour of two years on the interwebs so how about this: CONTEST TIME! Leave a comment letting me know your favourite piece from the *Ursa Minor F/W 2012 collection* + *follow me on Twitter*, if you are not already doing so, and I will enter your name to win a fabulous prize. What fabulous prize, you ask? You get to choose between a diamond clutch of my choosing ~OR~ your own personal 20% discount code for anything in the shop which can be used as many times as you want for a whole year. It's up to you. I will randomly draw a name and announce it next Monday. Good luck!


  1. Hey Elizabeth,

    First things first, congratulations for your blog's two year anniversary! It's definitely a milestone worth celebrating.

    In all honesty, I'm digging everything in your F/W 2012 collection but one piece that stands out for me is this little black dress: http://ursaminorstudio.com/seasons/fall2012index.html

    The volume created at the waist is really classy. Also, the texture of the fabric you used is very intriguing!

    Here's my username to find me in your list of twitter followers: Shaya Ishaq

    Congrats once again! :)

  2. Dear Elizabeth,

    I love the entire collection, but my favourite piece is the ivory silk drapey cardigan. It is versatile, classic, and feminine. It can be easily utilized in the office and out for cocktails!

    I am following you on twitter, Socks&Stripes.

    Keep up the excellent work!


  3. Hey Elizabeth,

    Congrats on the two year anniversary - that is an awesome milestone worthy of celebrating. I have just only found out about your stuff and it makes me happy you are a fellow Canadian also. :) Keep up the beautiful work. As for my favourite piece from your FW2012 collection. It would be that dove grey dress with the slight peplum to it. It looks like silk and is so modern yet has this nostalgic timeless touch to it.

    I follow you on Twitter as Quaintrella.

    - Sonia

  4. Hi Elizabeth,

    woohoo, a contest!

    Well, thank god you've been blogging for the past two years. How else would we all know what is really going on in the life of an all too human, maybe sometimes too perfectionist, successful young designer? And thankfully, you've opened an etsy shop as well, so European gals can look cool and elegant too.

    I really admire the construction of your designs. The diamond clutch, the large geometric bag with the braided strap, and the leather jacket you made me: they all are way out of the ordinary, and seem very complicated to make (at least to me). That's why I like the black paneled skirt (with the black silk (?) top) in your new collection very much. But also the dress in the last picture of this post looks like I could wear it daily. And the shirt with the peep hole at the back is also something I definitely covet, as is the peplum dress! So as a compulsive buyer of all things Ursaminor studio, and good patron, I would probably go for the year long discount, so I can buy everything I want....

    Good luck and hope you will have a great Fall and Winter season.

  5. Hi Elizabeth,

    Congratulations on your two year anniversary. I really have enjoyed the products you made for Nokomis back when you were in Edmonton.

    I really like the structured brown jacket that is in your F/W 2012 collection.

    Keep up the great work!

  6. Hi Elizabeth!

    Your F/W 2012 collection looks amazing. My favorite piece from it? If I had to choose between the grey scarf, the brown button-up coat and the ivory cardigan, I guess I'd choose the lovely brown coat.

    Glad to hear that your hard work is paying dividends, slowly but surely!

    I follow you on twitter: @pashleymuse

    Thanks, Judith

  7. Elizabeth,

    I had a proud moment recently in Montreal. I ran into Raymond at L'esco and proudly pulled out my diamond clutch and raved about your work. You were, of course, at home working away.

    The things you make are so beautiful - I dream of one day having every thing my heart desires from your store and imagine who I will be, where I will go, and who I'll meet in your designs. My favorites pieces have to be the horizontally blocked dresses both short and long versions. I've become obsessed with black long dresses and these offer a beautiful break from all black. They would be perfect for work, an elegant evening out, and would be amazing with some thing scandalous hidden underneath. So so so gorgeous.

    You are an incredibly talented woman.

    I wish you the best!

    -Andrea (andrea dot yacyshyn at gmail dot com)
    (followed on twitter as forevermatryoshka / andreawhy)