I know, I know, it's just getting ridiculous how much time I'm letting elapse between posts these days. It feels as though I haven't visited this old friend in ages, poor little blog.

I've been busy, working away in the studio but also finding a lot of pleasure in working on myself. I've been taking pilates classes twice a week and trying to take more time to spend with friends. I feel like I've pretty much managed my stress situation and am beginning to enjoy making things again, which I wasn't for awhile. Life feels like it's coming together in a really positive way. Of course, knowing that Spring is on it's way helps a lot too!

I guess the big news is that three weeks ago I moved my studio out of my home and into a space in Mile End. I'm sharing with a group of fantastically talented ladies and am absolutely loving being out of the house every day (even if I usually have some significant trouble getting there before noon). I've been intentionally leaving my computer at home, and I don't have a cell phone so I'm breaking some of the bad habits I got into working from a room in my house (I'm looking at you, Law & Order.) I also just booked a short trip to Mexico where I've never been and am so keen to explore. I'm craving sunshine and colour and delicious food and simply seeing something new.

Of course moving & traveling means *Spring Cleaning* is essential and so I'm clearing out the little remaining stock I have from the F/W collection - mostly at half-price. Here's what I have left (I promise, this is the last time you will see these same photos again on this blog!):

 photo greensaturnblog.jpg
Green Saturn Dress, last two available in S & L. Was $240 now $140.

 photo saturnmauveblog.jpg
Mauve Saturn Dress, last one (!!) available in M. Was $240 now $140.

 photo whtvicblog.jpg
Cream Victorine Blouse, last one (!!) available in S. Was $180 now $90.

 photo blkvicblog.jpg
Black Victorine Blouse, last two available in M & L. Was $180 now $90.

 photo grnesheblog.jpg
Green Eshe Blouse, last one (!!) available in L. Was $140 now $70.

 photo blkesheblog.jpg
Black Eshe Blouse, various sizes. Was $140 now $70.

 photo Eshe11.jpg
Mauve Eshe Blouse, various sizes. Was $140 now $70.

I also have two little Easter-hued cubist clutches which I never added to the shop but am doing so now, one in a supple, soft, banana lambskin and one in a vibrant mint. Check out the SHOP or email me if you're interested.

 photo banana.jpg

 photo mint.jpg


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