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It's pretty quiet around here right now, the calm before the storm, but very soon things will be very different.

In March I moved my studio out of the house and into a shared workspace in Mile End. In part I needed a change of scenery, which has indeed been lovely, but the big reason for the move was that we needed more space at home. You see, in early December I learned I was pregnant with my first bebe.

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And so these past few months we've been preparing and adapting our lives to include a new tiny human, just as my body has been adapting and preparing to grow a new life. I've felt really good throughout, physically well and just generally positive despite life turning into, as my friend Sarah put it, "one big nap." I'm incredibly mellow these days, which is lovely considering all will likely descend into chaos before the summer's gone.

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Work has taken a hit, as you may have noticed. I'm taking a little break from seasonal collections, and have just shut down any made-to-order items in my online shop. Starting this week I'll no longer be heading to the studio everyday, ergo I can fill these last two weeks of lazy abandon with food & friends, picnics & parties, sleeping all day, three baths per afternoon, shopping & reading & aimless self-contemplation.

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And then we will see what the future holds.

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Thank you so much to everyone who has been so kind and supportive over the past months. To the lovely ladies of Montreal who hosted a nautical-themed baby shower a few weeks ago (of which I only managed to take photos of the food 'cause, you know, priorities), to friends and family from all over who have offered love & support & advice. And thank you to all who have sent gifts in the post, we are lucky to know such generous individuals. Thank you everyone.

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  1. I had no idea - congrats Elizabeth!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! and how appropriate that at the shower you all enjoyed the delicious bleu d'elizabeth!