Today, tomorrow and Sunday are work work work work work days. I have a ton of stuff to do and, for the most part, have the house all to myself so I am putting my head down and partying through it** until I am finished.


I urge you to come visit again on Monday when I should have a fun little surprise to share with you....stay tuned.

**Party through it - a term coined by my friend JT to describe any situation where one must follow through and have fun in the face of adversity.
ie. "I can't believe Freddy Mercury's risen from the dead to perform a personal concert just for me yet here I am - sick in bed, puking, completely unable to move. Oh well, better just party through it."


  1. party through it - now officially part of my lexicon :p

  2. Love you're friends phrase is amazing and love it, now I know what to say when I'm in that situation. :D
    Good luck with all the work too!