My Mom taught us how to tie dye when we were pretty little. She taught us a lot of things: how to dye, how to make paper, how to sew and cook and grow things in the earth. How to draw and invent ways to entertain ourselves. How to make whatever we wanted from the abundance of raw materials around us. Looking back at this early education it's no wonder I've ended up doing what I do, I've been doing it since I was a child.

I love dyeing. I love just plunging in and waiting and wishing and not knowing the results until the grand unveiling at the very end of the process. I love the unique irregularities that come with dyeing something by hand. I like creating my own patterns and then cutting them up and reconfiguring them in new ways.

This is the first bit of dyeing I did yesterday. I'll finish it with an over-dye in pale grey to keep things subtle - no need to look like we're off the the North Country Fair. And then tomorrow, maybe, I'll cut it all up and begin to sew.



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  1. ohhh beautiful!!! your so good at this.