You know those times when you realize you've been having a bad day for like two weeks, and nothing seems to work out right and everything makes you feel small and insignificant and all you obsess about is what you're NOT rather than what you ARE and you're kindof trapped in your own mental prison of anger and frustration? Maybe you're thinking a lot about aging and afraid of not making a mark on this world and wondering what's the point of making a mark anyway and maybe you're missing summertime and familiarity and your family and you're really craving a good conversation with someone you can relate to?

But then one day, maybe a Wednesday, something just snaps, and the sun is shining and you know you'll get to talk to your sister on the phone later and you put on David Bowie's Pin Ups and kindof just dance around your work space a little. And then your friend Jenika sends you this video at just the right moment and it makes you happy because you realize you're just a normal human being and maybe even extraordinary in your own little ways and that just you is enough, something to explore and cherish in fact, and that you don't have to try to be anyone else, for a little while at least. Somedays it just hits you that all's well, and that you are capable of making beautiful things, of making a beautiful life, and that you're allowed to open yourself up to the people who care about you because they're still there on the other side of your self-centered gloom and they're kindof wonderful, really. Some days the clouds just clear, and it's so nice to notice when it happens.


  1. Yay! Send some of that clarity my way will ya?

  2. hmmm just what i was feeling yesterday when my screen didn't expose right and i slammed my thumb in the window. i realized soon i will be in edmonton with my pals and family and take a break from trying to create create create new things